After working for Suzuki Shoten, a pre-war conglomerate, Choji Fujiwara founded Hiroshima Nenshi (Twisted Yarn) Company Limited in 1927. The company would become the predecessor of Hironen. It was during a time when Japan was experiencing chaos as historical financial panic broke out around the country. Since then, the company surmounted a host of misfortunes; Hironen prevailed through WWII, and overcame various depressions and challenges thanks to the efforts and perseverance of Choji Fujiwara and his colleagues. Hironen’s history is the history of the textile industry in Japan, which revealed its beginnings in the first half of the 20th century.

1930 Apr. Established
1949 Dec. Merged with Daido Woven Fabric Co., Ltd. and registered the company name as Hironen Co., Ltd.
Capital: 3 million Yen
1950 Jan. Opened Osaka Branch
1953 Feb. Opened Tokyo location
1954 Sep. Started the Export/Import Department in Osaka Branch
1957 Apr. Established a subsidiary, Hironen Sizing Co., Ltd.
1959 Feb. Tokyo became a Branch Office
Dec. Built Fukui Head Office
1961 Oct. Established a subsidiary, Hironen Sangyo Co., Ltd.
1963 Oct. Hironen Sizing Co., Ltd. changed its name to Hironen Sen-i Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Nov. Introduced synthetic fiber sizing machine to Hironen Sen-i Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1968 Jan. Opened Nagoya Office
Nov. Built new Tokyo Branch building
1969 Jun. Established Hironen Shokusan Co., Ltd.
1971 Sep. Established Hironen Textile Co., Ltd.
1973 Jan. Built new Osaka Branch building
Jul. Takashi Fujiwara assumed Presidency
Sep. Increased the Capital to 300 million yen
Dec. Built the West Wing building of the Head Office
1975 Apr. Founder Choji Fujiwara passed away
1984 Aug. Built new air-jet loom factory in Hironen Sen-i Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1996 Nov. Built the Development Center
1997 Aug. Koichi Fujiwara assumed Presidency
2011 Feb. Participated in "Premier Vision" in Paris, an International Textile Exhibition
Oct. Decreased the capital to 90 million yen
2018 Dec. Built new Fukui Head Office
2021 Apr. Closed Osaka Branch
Founder  Choji Fujiwara
1949  Hironen Head Office in Fukui
1950  Osaka Branch
1953 Tokyo Office
昭和34年 本店社屋新築落成
Hironen stand at the Premier Vision Show in Paris
1996 Development Center