Hironen’s textiles have been primarily used for women’s fashion garments. The fashion trends in women’s wear are ever-changing. Meanwhile, we have been developing textiles for men’s wear, casual sports wear, and uniforms using the characteristics and advantages of synthetic fibers and mixed materials. Moreover, in addition to the garments, Hironen’s textiles have been used for many other purposes, such as home furnishings and consumer accessory goods.

Diversity as a Textile Company

The textile business consists of software and technology. Hironen has been well-known for its expertise in the industry for more than 85 years. The markets and technologies are ever changing and evolving. Hironen has been and will endeavor to be flexible in adopting challenge and change.

Right use of Materials

In addition to polyester material, Hironen knows how to handle cellulosic fibers, such as triacetate. We mix natural fibers or make stretch fabrics by using elastic fibers such as spandex. Hironen is comparable to a cook who creates gourmet cuisine out of various fresh ingredients.